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Citizenship and Residence in Caribbean countries

Citizenship of Grenada

This country has the most comfortable terms and conditions for receiving citizenship. You invest $250,000, pay $30,000 - 60,000 for processing and you will become a citizen of beautiful Grenada in 2-4 months. Family members are processed separately. You do not have to reside in the country. The country receives revenue from two industries: selling spices and tourism. This is why it is a very lucrative business here to buy a hotel and let the rooms. You can sell it in 4 years rather than 5 as in other countries. Benefits of Grenada citizenship are almost the same as with the countries above, but there is no visa free travel to Canada.

  • Minimum investment — from $200, 000 (non-refundable) and from $350,000 (refundable)
  • Visa free travel to 120 countries including UK, EU and USA.
  • No need for a visit or residence.
  • Your spouse, children under 25 years and parents over 65 years can receive citizenship under one application.
  • Grenada citizens can freely conduct business and live in the USA upon receipt of a special visa

Stages of obtaining Grenada citizenship via investment


  • Selection of property for investment. Astons’ experts will provide full consultation on the investment procedure and will assist you in selecting high quality property for investment.
  • 100% payment of investment. We will assist in the secure transfer of funds to an escrow agent account in the bank in Grenada. We will recommend reliable financial institutions.
  • Submission of citizenship documents. Our experts will collect the required package of documents for you and members of your family and will submit those to the Migration Service of Grenada.
  • Security screening. Mandatory requirement – security screening of the investor and family members. You do not need to visit the country for this.
  • Receiving citizenship. You can receive your passport when you personally visit Grenada. But we can also assist in receiving your documents in the nearest Embassy


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