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EU Residence and citizenship

The easiest way to obtain citizenship in another country is to participate in the investment programme. Processing in this case usually takes about a year. Some countries undertake to return the investments. Remaining conditions should be considered individually for each country.

Benefits of Cypriot citizenship


  • Citizenship in just 3 years.
  • Possibility to safeguard yourself and your capital, which can be kept in EU hard currency.
  • Timeframe of keeping investments is only 3 years.
  • Presence and residence in the country are not required.
  • Visa free travel to 157 countries including the USA.
  • Cyprus citizenship enables the holder to live in any of 28 EU countries including UK, Switzerland and three EEA countries that are not part of the EU – Norway, Lichtenstein and Iceland.
  • Citizenship is granted to a spouse of the investor and dependent children under 28 years old.
  • Good taxation: no taxes for dividends, no taxes for inheritance. Double taxation agreement with 50 countries.


Investor requirements


  • Investment term is only 3 years (less than other EU countries).
  • No requirement to speak the local language.
  • No requirement to be present or reside in the country.
  • The applicant, spouse and juvenile children must hold no criminal convictions.
  • Investments have to be kept in the Cypriot economy for a minimum of 3 years.
  • Minimum investment — €2.5 million.

Astons’ task is to: provide maximum comfort during submission of documents and investment into real estate, to take responsibility for all stages in the citizenship process and to achieve the best result for you – status as a citizen of Cyprus.

Minimum package of documents to establish the investment


  • Copies of the applicant’s foreign passport;
  • Investor’s letter with brief description of investment substance;
  • Investor’s application in the standard format;
  • Birth certificates for the children;
  • Marriage certificate;
  • Criminal record check, legalised with apostille;
  • Detailed autobiography of the applicant.


The applicant needs to go through the following stages to receive Cyprus citizenship


  • Collection and processing of documents for citizenship. Astons specialists will make sure that all documents are submitted in a format that will be accepted by the Government of Cyprus.
  • Search and purchase of real estate and processing of the property to comply with all investment requirements according to immigration legislation.
  • Control of document review after submission.
  • Return of investment and supervision of compliance with all immigration rules, in order to maintain citizenship status in the future

Astons specialists have access to the most attractive properties in Cyprus. We will give advice on the most lucrative and reliable investment options and will ensure legitimacy of the property in question and compliance with all requirements in order to receive Cyprus citizenship through investing into real estate, including exclusive offers for commercial properties and unique sites for development.

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